Service Design


I work with businesses to uncover the needs of their customers and use those insights to shape innovative service experiences.


Service Design


I work with businesses to uncover the needs of their customers and use those insights to shape innovative service experiences.

Trusted by government, leading brands and agencies


A self-starting, trusted experience design leader and practitioner. I work with businesses to uncover the needs of their customers and use those insights to shape innovative service experiences.

I love problem solving - piecing together the puzzle - and am comfortable working through the unknown to deliver valuable business outcomes.

I think holistically; balancing the push and pull of needs, motivations and objectives across the ever expanding array of touch points. 

As a leader I inspire through example, empathy and encouragement. This has led to innovation and excellence that enables people to grow and teams to thrive. 

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People orientated

I believe successful design happens when it answers real human needs. I relentlessly seek to frame business centric challenges from the perspective of customers, using human centred and design thinking approaches.


Leadership & advocacy

I have founded successful businesses as well as managed and led multiple concurrent teams, projects and initiatives within established top-tier agencies. I have the experience and poise to engage and navigate stakeholders through complex projects.



Innovation mindset

My natural curiosity and entrepreneurial tendency enjoys experimenting with new ideas and approaches. I am well versed on different approaches to innovation and actively seek opportunities to introduce new techniques to my work and that of my colleagues.

Full lifecycle delivery

I am a self-starting, trusted practitioner who is capable of working independently and as part of a wider team to win work, kick-off, plan, communicate and deliver experience design products, services and programmes for some of the worlds biggest brands.


Mentorship & growth

As a life-long learner, I stay informed and educated on new techniques. I believe in sharing knowledge and experience for the benefit of others, inspiring designers through the interchange of ideas. I make time to ensure those around me feel valued and motivated in their work.


In other people's words

It was a pleasure working alongside Neil on the Betterlife project, he’s a natural leader, has great experience and is dedicated to the team and project. He excels at supervising, guiding and motivating the team. With a laid-back and approachable attitude he allows others to stay on task and focus on producing great work.
— Will Sicat. Visual Designer, SplendidUnlimited
Neil is as skilled in UX and IA as he is in design, and has repeatedly demonstrated his abilities in front of some of the UK’s largest companies.
— Chris O'Brien. Digital Director, SAS
I’ve been really lucky to have worked with Neil at Splendid, where we worked on a number of projects together. As a manager, he’s achieved that tough balance of being supportive, whilst also giving you the freedom to make your own mark on the project too. Whenever I had questions or concerns, Neil always took the time to explain which opened up new ways to think about the project.
— Seelin Ho, UX Researcher/UX Designer, SplendidUnlimited
Neil is a multi-talented cross-disciplinary designer, briliant at leading teams and clients through complex projects. We knew we’d end up with cut-diamond products from hard graft, precision insights and true grit.
— Mike Allanson. Full-Stack Developer, Comrades
Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor—but I did when I worked for Neil

I was in awe at Neil’s ability to meticulously breakdown a clients requirements to make sure every feature/service requested has value to the customer. His ability to effortlessly join a project & bring fresh ideas, pushing the team to try out new tools and shift their way of thinking to become better designers & make us more productive with the time we have on a project.

As a leader or a team member, Neil earns my highest recommendation.
— Jamie Kesavan. Senior UX, SpendidUnlimited
Neil could make a valuable contribution to nearly any product team I can think of. His understanding of UX, his communication skills and his creativity were all key to the success of the products we’ve worked on together. Plus he always brings a friendly and positive attitude.
— Carlos Martinez. Ruby/Javascript Developer, eBay
Thank you Neil and for all your effort – DEL has really landed well and enabled us to deliver some market leading capability across multiple countries / sites that otherwise would not have been possible
— Matt Poole. Digital Director, Celesio UK
Always a step ahead, Neil is one of the most forward thinking interactive designers out there. I hope to work with him again soon.
— Danny Bluestone. CEO, CyberDuck